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My name is Hamza, and I am a freelance IT Professional and Digital Marketing Consultant. Proudly based in Rawalpindi and working with clients from around the world. I’ve worked in the marketing industry for years with a variety of well-reputable local and international businesses. I currently work with small and medium sized businesses as well as partnering with agencies and freelancers. I’m here to help you navigate marketing. To make the complex simple, and to deliver honest results.


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Sometimes, all it takes to rejuvenate your marketing efforts is a guiding hand, and that’s where my marketing consultancy services can be of assistance. Whether your enterprise is a budding startup, a small to medium-sized business, or a large corporate entity, I offer flexible options such as hourly consultancy sessions, half-day rates, or full-day engagements. I bring my wealth of expertise and experience to your business, working with freelancers, small enterprises, professional service providers, and even large corporations.
My consultancy services encompass a wide range of marketing challenges and roadblocks that you may be facing. I’m here to provide guidance and solutions. The scope of my assistance can vary, from a one-hour brainstorming session conducted over platforms like Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp to a comprehensive half-day session held at your office, where we delve into the intricacies of a new campaign you might be planning.
I integrate seamlessly into your organization, offering a fresh perspective and leveraging my extensive industry experience to help you reach your desired marketing objectives. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time for inquiries, to arrange a meeting, or to schedule an online session.


Go through the marketing services that I offer and feel free to get in touch fur further inquiries and clarification.
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