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They say that writing is easy – just open a vein.​

These days, anyone that blogs, tweets, and types thinks they’re a writer. But in a world of increasing content and shrinking attention spans, Hamza’s knack is in knowing what not to say with his content writing. He likes it short, dead-on, like a bullet to your brain.
As a freelance content writer, Hamza spends his hours thinking and jotting down ideas before writing a single word. Whether he’s dreaming up a buzz-worthy ad campaign, sculpting a brand that stands out, or crafting a piece of writing that telepathically connects with its reader, his focus is on uncovering the big idea and picking words that pack a punch.
Hamza spent years at creatively driven firms and agencies. He has done acclaimed work for locally, regionally, and internationally recognized brands. Bringing big brand thinking to any size project, for clients from anywhere in the world. If you have an assignment that needs to be cracked, give him a shout. He’d be glad to open a vein or two.
Hamza’s specialization includes crafting compelling website content, company profiles, case studies, product descriptions, features, brochures, as well as professional and executive resume’s or curriculum vitae’s (CV’s).

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